Directory Intelligence Services (DIS)

Directory Intelligence Services integrates distinct HR, Directory and Asset Inventory Systems into an open central repository delivering full Business Intelligence operations and the detailed query and reporting abilities required to manage, merge and migrate your infrastructure.

If you've ever needed to pull complex reports from Active Directory

Desktop Migration Toolkit (DMT)

The BMA Desktop Migration Toolkit allows our clients to migrate users and workstations from disparate environments into a core strategic directory.

The BMA Desktop Migration Toolkit configures user and workstation authentication mechanisms, synchronizes user passwords, maintains user profiles, favorites and settings and delivers the central reporting and error logging required to fully manage the end to end migration of all your users and machines.

When integrated with Directory Intelligence Services and our custom LDAP connectors DMT gives you the ability to perform group and authorization changes on the backend, synchronously during the desktop migration. Making all changes in-line keeps user disturbance and the potential for issues to a minimum.

Desktop Lockbox

During our years of desktop security support we noticed a gap in the available desktop management solutions that small, medium and large businesses could not easily overcome, management of their local desktop administrative accounts in a distributed environment. Desktop Lockbox secures and manages your local administrative accounts while allowing distributed support staff controlled and audited access.

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